Our Gallery

Celtic and Roman artefacts, by Mrs Griffith

Su'mae, by Mrs Griffith

Romans and Celts, by Mrs Griffith

BeeBot , by Mrs Betts

Reception Buddies, by Mrs Betts

Glan Llyn, by Mrs Griffith

Techniquest, by Mrs Barnes

Numeracy fortnight , by Mrs Barnes

The Selfish Giant , by Mrs Barnes

Easter egg hunt, by Mrs Stephens

Year 5 Football, by Miss Jones

Homework Easter Songs, by Mrs Griffith

Red Nose Day 2017, by Mrs Stephens

Football, by Mrs Griffith

Choir singing, by Mrs Griffith

School Eisteddfod , by Miss Jones

Super sandwiches , by Miss Jones

Cardiff 2017, by Mrs Betts

Story spoons, by Miss Jones

Y Ddraig Goch, by Mrs Griffith

Clôd Cymraeg, by Mrs Griffith

Parti Magi Ann, by Mrs Betts

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St John the Baptist VA Primary School

Chester Road

Main Contact: Mrs A Stephens, Headteacher

Tel: 01244 550838

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